~Master Guitarist/Composer,
Affectionately known as the Troubadour. Also author of the book and screenplay "Song of the Troubadour"~

~Congratulations to Chris Madsen the winner of the 2011 BCIMA Award for "Instrumental Recording of the Year" for his album "Song of the Troubadour"~

"The ballads of courtly Love sung by medieval troubadours were veiled alchemical teachings about how to render Eros volatile........The teachings of the Troubadours began with romantic Love, but they didn't end there. Romance was also a metaphor for something larger ~ the relationship of the soul to Spirit and the Spirit to God.          That's what the liberation of Eros is all about~
energy once fixed in the physical expanding into the spiritual."
~Excerpts from, On Becoming an Alchemist, Catherine MacCoun

Welcome to the Song, Prose, and Wisdom of the heart as given through the Master Artist in the hands of Chris Madsen, known affectionately as The Troubadour. The beauty of a piece of Music is not beheld within its technical composition, but rather within the heart and soul of its Creator. Nor is it in the physical sound vibrations of the arrangement, it is rather the silence between the notes of musical spheric Light of the Master Artist making Love to all of creation from which the sound springs forth as the river flows to the Sea. It is within this realm of this infinite wellspring that I create the works that flow through my being.

Please feel free to enjoy what is given here freely. My life is lived in the inspired passion of creating through music & word. The purpose is to touch lives in beautiful ways. These songs and prose represent a life dedicated to expressing thoughts, images, & feelings to connect us all through the infinite web of Love and Light we are. The songs and wisdom are freely given. If you wish to in turn bring a 'thank you', I will be very grateful for your having touched my life in turn

~Chris Madsen



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